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What Is Acupuncture and What Is the Treatment Process

November 17th, 2022

Acupuncture is a process which is treated with the help of needles. The needles are inserted in to various parts of the body to relieve pain of for other therapeutic purposes. The origins of acupuncture are still not confirmed that in which century it has started, but we know that it has been originated from China.

In the modern times acupuncture treatments received a lot of criticism from the modern Chinese civil war and Chinese communist party leaders labeling acupuncture with different names such as superstitious and backward and creating a hurdle in scientific progress.

Acupuncture gained popularity when American president Richard Nixon visited China in 1972 and was shown a patient under going a surgery through acupuncture and the patient was fully awake and during the same time he was accompanied by a reporter of New York Times and he received a treatment through acupuncture and was stunned after receiving the treatment. He was so impressed with the treatment that he wrote an article relating to acupuncture which then gained its popularity.

In recent times if you have noticed a chart outside a doctors clinic doors showing body parts divided in to different zones. These zones are divided for the purposes of acupuncture as according to this treatment the needles are inserted in those positions and points which will then have an impact on the affected part.

Not only acupuncture helps proper flow of energy through your body but it also helps in regulating body functions and spiritual well being. This treatment has also been used to cure head aches, digestive disorders and asthma and apart from these problems it has been successfully used to cure and help against depression, phobias, addiction and eating disorders.

You should know that the human body is divided in to fourteen meridians or channels, one meridian for each of the twelve organs. Acupuncture pressure points are located along these meridians and some points have more than one function which means that acupuncturist might use them to cure other illness as well.

Study Sonography in Kansas City, Kansas

April 22nd, 2022

Kansas City, Kansas is known for its famous barbeque and its love of music. The 18th and Vine Historic Jazz District plus the many music venues keep residents and visitors entertained. This historic city also has trend-setting areas like the Country Club Plaza that was designed to emulate an upscale shopping and entertainment district similar to one in Seville, Spain. Students who are pursuing a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and sonography professionals working in the city will also find an expanding healthcare system in a strong 2014 economy that is expected to continue growing.

Sonography Education in Kansas City, Kansas

There are over 57,000 students enrolled in community colleges and universities in the Kansas City (KCK) area. The University of Kansas in Lawrence is only 33 miles away from Kansas City, Kansas. However, the University of Kansas Medical Center-University of Kansas School of Health Professions is located in downtown KCK and offers a Diagnostic Medical Sonography program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs (CAAHEP). Accreditation should be a student requirement during program selection because the instructional classes and clinical training prepare students for achieving ARDMS certification. The university program is 18 to 21 months long, depending on the educational track chosen.

Salary and Job Outlook for Sonographers in Kansas City, Kansas

The healthcare industry is fueling economic growth in KCK, accounting for one out of 10 jobs. Healthcare technologists, including sonographers, make up 2.2 percent of the city’s workforce, offering excellent employment opportunities from 2014 forward. Due to industry growth and high demand for sonographers, the $70,920 annual average salaries in KCK are higher than the average national salaries per the U.S. federal government. The hourly wage for ultrasound technicians was $34.09 as of the May 2012 occupational survey data. The KCK average salaries of $70,920 are also significantly higher than the average salaries for the state of Kansas which were $65,580.

A List of Best Schools for Diagnostic Medical Sonography Study in and Near Kansas City, Kansas

School Name: University of Kansas Medical Center
Address: 3901 Rainbow Blvd, MS 4032, Kansas City, KS – 66160
Contact Person: Candace Spalding
Contact Phone: (913)588-6802
Program: Certificate
Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited

School Name: Washburn University
Address: 1700 SW College, Topeka, KS – 66621
Contact Person: Keith Farwell
Contact Phone: (785)670-2293
Program: Certificate and Baccalaureate Degree
Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited

School Name: St. Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Address: 624 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO – 64111
Contact Person: Tiffany Johnson
Contact Phone: (816)932-6732
Program: Certificate
Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited and ARRT Recognized

School Name: Hillyard Technical Center
Address: 3434 Faraon Street, St. Joseph, MO – 64506
Contact Person: Tabby Hatfield
Contact Phone: (816)671-4170
Program: Certificate
Accreditation: CAAHEP

School Name: Nebraska Methodist College
Address: 720 North 87th Street, Omaha, NE – 68114
Contact Person: Rebecca Mathiasen
Contact Phone: (402)354-7034
Program: Associates Degree
Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited

School Name: University of Nebraska Medical Center
Address: 984545 Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE – 68198-4545
Contact Person: Kim Michael
Contact Phone: (402)559-1189
Program: Baccalaureate Degree
Accreditation: CAAHEP Accredited and ARRT Recognized